Killer Mike defends Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump: “Why wouldn’t you?”

Run the Jewels rapper defends Kanye's decision to sit down with 45

Back before Donald Trump officially became President, he spoke with Kanye West in what became a controversial meeting. Fans took issue with the Chicago rapper endorsing the Cheeto-flavored “politician,” especially when it came out that 45 wanted West on his team in an “entrepreneurial leadership role.” Although West felt it was “important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change,” those who opposed the President-Elect wanted more outspoken resistance against him. Now, even though West has apparently unendorsed Trump, Killer Mike has come to his fellow MC’s defense over the meeting.

In an interview with England’s Channel 4, the Run the Jewels rapper was asked how he, a socially conscious artist, felt about West’s meeting with Trump. “Didn’t bother me,” he said plainly as El-P shook off the question. “Why wouldn’t you? Black people shouldn’t have permanent friends or enemies, they should have permanent interest. If it wasn’t for Dr. Martin Luther King being willing to meet with people like [governor] George Wallace, George Wallace would have not have ended up — starting as a racist bigot — he ended a person who found God in some way, appointed more blacks to his office than any other governor since him.”

“… But a musician meeting a presidential candidate isn’t important to me like [NFL legend] Jim Brown,” he continued. “Jim Brown, for the last 50 years, has fought against the oppression of all people. Him sitting with President Trump was a significant thing for me, because I know on the other side of the table he was telling the truth.”

Watch Mike’s comments after El-P discusses Grime music below, and find the whole interview here.


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