Kushella is the second marijuana-themed festival taking place during Coachella

Both events are situated just miles away from the festival grounds, and are offering free shuttles to attendees

Coachella isn’t the only festival going down in Indio, California this weekend. Not one, but two Coachella-themed marijuana festivals are also taking place, offering attendees a chance to get baked under the hot California sun before watch whatever the hell Lady Gaga has in store.

We already told you about WeedMaps’ Marijuana Oasis, which is situated six miles from the Coachella grounds. It kicked off last night, offering VIP attendees access to five geodesic domes each featuring a different marijuana experience, such as edibles, vaping, and regular smoking.

The even less subtly titled Kushella is even closer to the action — just three miles from the Coachella grounds. It’ll actually run three consecutive weekends, as well as on 4/20. Cannabis vendors, food and drinks and live music will be on site during the event, which goes down at the southeast corner of Calhoun Street and Avenue 50 between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m., according to the Desert Sun.

It’s important to note that neither event is officially associated with Coachella. In fact, Coachella prohibits marijuana — even that of the medical persuasion.

However, both events are advertising themselves as Coachella afterparties, with Kushella even offering free shuttles to and from the Coachella grounds. Kushella attorney Chris Hoo told the Coachella City Council that “the vision is to be an event that’s next to Coachella, which as you know is an internationally known event,” It’s piggybacking off of that event.”

Check out arial video of the Marijuana Oasis setup:




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