Lil Dicky’s new “Pillow Talking” video cost $700,000 to make, totally worth every penny — watch

Sex, comedy, aliens, a talking brain, and Jurassic World-esque dinosaurs -- what more could you ask for?

Rapper/comedian extraordinaire Lil Dicky has released his new music video for “Pillow Talking”, a highlight off his Billboard-topping 2015 debut album, Professional Rapper, and it’s a goddamn work of art.

Clocking in at a generous 11 minutes, the visual follows Lil Dicky as he navigates a painfully awkward yet hilarious post-coital conversation with a lady friend he’s just befriended. As in the song, the two debate the existence of aliens and god, as well as talk about dinosaurs, war, and vegetarianism — it’s all very, very deep (no pun intended).

All the while, the weighty chat, and Lil Dicky’s actual brain, is brought to life using the kind of stunning CGI you’d expect from a Hollywood blockbuster. The prehistoric reptiles in particular were supposedly helmed by the same people behind Jurassic World, and everything feels 10x more epic than perhaps a Lil Dicky video should. The whole project cost a whopping $700,000 to create, making it the 49th most expensive music video of all time.

Like I said… a goddamn work of art. Check it out above.


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