Macaulay Culkin, as Kurt Cobain, is crucified by Father John Misty in his new video — watch

King Troll J. Tillman delivers a bonkers video for "Total Entertainment Forever"

Macaulay Culkin, as Kurt Cobain, crucified by Ronald McDonald … That’s the kind of bunkers shit only a master troll like Father John Misty could think up of.

The musician’s “Total Entertainment Forever” is a mediation on humanity’s obsession with technology, celebrity, and other sugary forms of entertainment that clout reality and, according to Misty, will eventually leave to society’s demise. The video plays into these themes, in an extreme and sadistic way.  Without giving too much away, because it really is something to behold, Cobain’s crucification is part of a VR game played by former president George Washington. Misty plays a Ronald McDonald character with hooks for hands, who deems Cobain as “king of the Cucks” and crucifies him alongside another former president and a famous cartoon dad.

The video was directed by arts collective Four Gods and a Baby, which consists of Culkin and Moldy Peaches’ Adam Green, among others.

“Total Entertainment Forever” appears on FJM’s latest album, Pure Comedy.



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