Mastodon demand you “Show Yourself” with performance on Kimmel — watch

Metal outfit stomps onto the stage in support of Emperor of Sand

Metal doesn’t make for the easiest sell on late night talk shows; after all, people tuning in before bed aren’t typically looking for thrashing riffs and bellowed vocals. But Mastodon aren’t your typical metal band, and they proved that with their performance on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Atlanta’s favorite progressive rockers delivered a smashing performance of their Emperor of Sand single “Show Yourself”, scoring major points for their accessible brand of insanity. Brann Dailor’s vocals sounded fantastic, Brent Hinds’ guitar solo destroyed, and Troy Sanders’ manic face sold lines like, “You’re not as safe as far as I can tell/ And I can tell” perfectly. (And yes, that appears to be an At the Drive-In T-shirt Sanders is wearing.) It’s performances like this one that could well convince an unfamiliar late night crowd to give metal a solid shot.

Check out the replay above.


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