Matt and Kim cancel remaining tour dates after Kim sustains traumatic knee injury

The pop duo recounts the ordeal that lead to a painful leg injury in a series of YouTube videos

Energetic indie pop duo Matt and Kim were performing at Mexico’s Vaiven Festival on March 25th when drummer Kim Schifino suffered a traumatic injury onstage. Now the band has (reluctantly) canceled their remaining tour dates until she recovers.

The duo captured the entire ordeal on video while recording behind-the-scenes material for their ongoing “Matt and Kim Show Ya Stuff” YouTube series. As they took the stage after a series of bad omens, Schifino launched herself from the platform on which they perform. In an ill-fated attempt to avoid jumping directly onto a stage fan, she spread her legs out to the sides. When she landed, however, “the bottom half of her leg went one way; the top half of her leg went the opposite way,” as vocalist and keyboardist Matt Johnson explains in one video.

Schifino attempted to stand up and collapsed immediately. However, adrenaline kicked in, and she bravely managed to perform a few songs before the pain become unbearable. After the outfit performed “Daylight” (from the 2009 album, Grand), a tearful Schifino was whisked off stage. “She is a motherfucking badass for making it through those five songs!” Johnson notes. After finding out their were no broken bones, the pair flew back to the States for an MRI, which revealed that Schifino had torn her ACL and now faces a nine-month recovery period.

Two videos, which you can view below, entitled “What Happened to Kim” chronicle the whole series of events, from arriving at the venue to Schifino’s first stages of recovery. As should come as no surprise, their sense of humor remains completely intact, even when Schifino is crying and admits to being afraid.

Matt and Kim 2017 Tour Dates:
04/07 – Jacksonville, FL @ University of North Florida
04/23  – Amherst, MA University of Massachusetts
04/28 – Kingston, RI @ University of Rhode Island
04/29 – Carlisle, PA @ Dickinson College


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