Melissa McCarthy returns as Sean Spicer to apologize for that Holocaust snafu

"At least they didn't have to fly United"

White House press secretary propagandist Sean Spicer had a particularly rough week after equating the actions of Hitler to the ongoing situation in Syria and mistakenly suggesting that the Nazi leader never used chemical weapons against his own people (which he did) while also incorrectly referring to concentration camps as Holocaust centers. Needless to say, Spicey’s snafu was ripe for an SNL parody, and on last night’s episode, Melissa McCarthy reprised her standout caricature. Better yet, she came dressed as the Easter bunny, a reference to Spicer’s previous White House gig. Replay the very funny sketch up above.

Elsewhere on last night’s episode, Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump in an Apprentice-style sketch where he has to chose between the Grim Reaper, a.k.a. Steve Bannon, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner (played by Jimmy Fallon). Fallon managed to go the entire sketch without uttering one word, which is how it should always be. Watch that one below.


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