Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney perform “Best You Ever” on Seth Meyers — watch

The couple showcased a track off Branch's comeback album, Hopeless Romantic

Early aughts pop-rock icon Michelle Branch appeared on Late Night wth Seth Meyers last night to perform “Best You Ever” from her brand new album, Hopeless RomanticThe singer was backed by drummer Patrick Carney of The Black Keys — who’s also her boyfriend and a co-writer and producer of the LP. As she sang, “I want you to remember me/ Every time you scream as the best you ever…”, Branch displayed a rocker-chic edge in a determined, sincere performance. This tune, like many others on the 14-track record, addresses her divorce from Teddy Landau and her budding romance with Carney.

The singer/songwriter, who climbed charts as a teenager in 2001 with her memorably earnest anthem “Everywhere”, continues to explore heartbreak and vulnerability on her comeback project, which was released on Friday. After a 14-year hiatus from recording solo albums, she proves she is ready to rock again. Watch the clip via NBC’s website.


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