Mitski covers One Direction’s “Fireproof” for Our First 100 Days — listen

Day 78 comes with an unexpected reworking

There’s been plenty of surprises in the first 13 11 weeks of President 45’s administration. But the one unveiled today perhaps surpasses them all, as indie rock hero Mitski has covered pop favorites One Direction’s “Fireproof” for Our First 100 Days.

Now, most of the tracks released via Secretly Group and 30 Days, 30 Songs’ compilation project have generally been politically minded. Every so often, however, a real kicker like Mitski’s contribution slips in. Her take on “Fireproof” really ups the ante on the track, taking a sweet if bland pop song and revving it up with buzzing guitars and her own emotional delivery. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, this could completely be a B-side to Puberty 2.

Take a listen below.


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