Rather than overthrow the government, Barack Obama went yachting with Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks

Music mogul David Geffen hosted the former president and first lady aboard his $300-million ship in French Polynesia

Enablers, conspiracy theorists, and CNN’s Jeffrey Lord have attributed Donald Trump’s early struggles as the result of a secret shadow government installed by former president Barack Obama, with the eventual goal being for Obama to overthrow the Trump administration and install himself as the Muslim dictator we always knew him to be. After all, why else would he move mere miles from the White House?!?!?!? So that his child can finish up school? That move is reserved exclusively for third wives of billionaire millionaire moguls who married for the money and, to their sheer horror, ended up becoming the first lady of the United States.

Well, fear not, Donald. By the looks of it, ol’ Barry is thoroughly enjoying his newfound free time, so much so that I’m starting to think we may not even get that post-presidential memoir. After going kitesurfing with Richard Branson and attending a Broadway show with Malia, President Obama and his wife were spotted yachting with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and Oprah in French Polynesia. The $300 million dollar vessel is owned by music mogul David Geffen, who hosted the A-list shindig on Friday, according to The Daily Mail.

Actually, based on these pictures, I’d bet Trump would totally trade places with Obama right now.


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