Redditor eats a vinyl record after Kendrick Lamar fails to drop a second album on Easter

Cousin Tyrone ground up a copy of an LP and mixed it into some ice cream

Following the release of Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. last Friday, the Internet immediately went into hyperdrive over the possibility that the Compton MC would be dropping a second album on Easter. The speculation was based on the fact that the first album was released on Good Friday (the day of Christ’s crucification). Kendrick is murdered in the lyrics of DAMN., and there was prevailing thought was that, like Christ, he would resurrect on Easter with a second album. There was also speculation that the second album would be called NATION. (making the album’s full title DAMNATION., get it?), and whereas the placement of the “M” on DAMN.’s cover sort of makes it look like Kendrick has devil horns, on the second album, he’d have an “O,” like a halo.

And that was really just the beginning of the conspiracy theory. It was the sort of thing that made a whole lot of sense if you really wanted to believe it, but then you’re brought back to the bowels of reality when Sunday comes and goes, there’s no new album, and fucking Christ guys, just enjoy the excellent new album he gave you three days prior.

Seemingly never having heard of The King of Limbs Pt. 2, more than a few Redditors subscribed to the theory. One user named Cousin Tyrone was so convinced, he promised to eat a vinyl record in the event nothing was released. Well, with no NATION. being released, Cousin Tyrone has since made good on his promise, as he ground up a vinyl LP in a blender, mixed in some ice cream like a milkeshake, and took a few healthy spoonfuls. And because it’s 2017, he of course filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to Internet.

In an accompanying message posted to reddit, Cousin Tyrone wrote:

“I took A LOT of laxatives to help pass the vinyl as fast as possible. It’s been around 16 hours since I did this and I’m still feeling the effects of it.

Overall, I do not recommend eating vinyl. I’ll answer more questions if you have any.”

If this sort of thing sounds familiar, you may recall that Radiohead fans ate photos of Thom Yorke’s face to celebrate the release of A Moon Shaped Pool last year. Fandom is truly weird.


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