Sir Ridley Scott warns of an alien invasion, owns a 9mm gun

"I believe in superior beings. I think it is certainly likely."

Ridley Scott, photo by Heather Kaplan

Photo by Heather Kaplan

Sir Ridley Scott is a tour de force when he’s out promoting a movie. Lately, he’s been making the rounds for next month’s Alien: Covenant, shooting down fan theories, hinting at more sequels, and revealing alternate endings to beloved films.

However, nothing comes close to his interview with Sky News in which he channeled his inner Fox Mulder (or, perhaps, Tom De Longe), and argued that there are aliens watching and they have the capabilities to destroy us all.

“I believe in superior beings. I think it is certainly likely,” he explained. “An expert I was talking to at NASA said to me, ‘Have you ever looked in the sky at night? You mean to tell me we are it?’ That’s ridiculous.

“The experts have now put a number on it having assessed what is out there,” he continued. “They say that there are between 100 and 200 entities that could be having a similar evolution to us right now. So, when you see a big thing in the sky, run for it. Because they are a lot smarter than we are, and if you are stupid enough to challenge them you will be taken out in three seconds.”

We’ve heard of Eight Seconds, but Three Seconds?! Not for Scott, as he argues he has his own form of protection, something that heightens his sense of security.

“Nothing scares me. I have a 9mm,” he contended. “If there is a problem I tend to close down into calm. When you walk in in the morning on a film and 600 people turn and all look at you, that is scary.”

Speaking of scary, Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19th.


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