Some smart ass swapped out Pennywise for The Cat in the Hat in It trailer — watch

To be fair, everyone should be terrified of Mike Myers in a cat suit

Last week, New Line Cinema dropped the teaser trailer for its highly anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s It. As expected, the hype was real and the trailer broke all kinds of records, which bodes extremely well not only for its box office returns, but for its forthcoming sequel which will close out the epic horror story.

Well, as everyone knows, popularity is prone to parody, and that’s exactly what’s gone down here. Some cheeky fool went ahead and edited out Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise and subbed in … sigh … Mike Myers’ middling interpretation of The Cat in the Hat. You remember that awful film from 2003? No?

Don’t worry; in fact, not seeing the film makes this even better in some respects. So, watch above, compare with the original below, and then remember to float on over to the theaters this September to see the real deal. For all other King-related inquiries and concerns, please consult The Losers’ Club.


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