Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron perform “The Promise” on Fallon — watch

Taken from The Promise, the Christian Bale-starring drama about the Armenian genocide

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday to perform his contribution to The Promise, a new drama about the Armenian genocide starring Christian Bale.

The track, also titled “The Promise”, was handled with equal parts grace and poignancy, Cornell evoking the pain associated with the atrocities of those times. “If I had nothing to my name/ But photographs of you/ Rescued from the flames/ That’ is all I would ever need,” he can be heard singing in the opening verse. He was accompanied by Soundgarden bandmate Matt Cameron along with a string orchestra.

“There are a couple of really amazing documentaries about the Armenian genocide, and one of them was about the phenomenon that people who had literally minutes to grab what they could from their homes would take photos before anything else – before jewelry even,” Cornell previously explained to Rolling Stone. “I was really moved by that; the idea of what is most important to people in a crucial second.”

Catch the replay down above. If the video isn’t working, you can watch it here.

All proceeds from the song will benefit the International Rescue Committee, which works to respond to humanitarian crises around the world. The film, directed by Terry George (Hotel Rwanda, Reservation Road), opens in theaters on April 21st.


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