Spoon give Ellen some “Hot Thoughts” with daytime performance — watch

Talkshow host professes her love for the Austin rockers

It’s easy to think of Ellen as more of platform for mainstream pop and rap artists than the venue where unfamiliar demographics might get introduced to something from the indie scene. However, host Ellen DeGeneres is well known for her eclectic tastes, and she’s not afraid to share those with her audience. Case in point, she’s apparently “obsessed” with Spoon’s “Hot Thoughts”, the title track off their most recent LP, so she had the band to perform it on her talkshow.

Predictably, Britt Daniel and the boys delivered a muscular, slinky rendition that surely converted some of the soccer moms in the studio. The transition out of the first bridge/chorus was especially captivating, as the whole band seemed to suddenly come alive with the chugging guitars. At the end, Daniel told DeGeneres, “Good idea,” and we can only assume he meant booking them on the program — or perhaps he was talking about the host’s own excited whooping.

Watch the replay above and decide for yourself.

Update: Ellen also did the one thing everyone has always wanted to do with Spoon: She spooned with the entire band.


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