The Mandela Effect becomes reality with this scene from Sinbad’s genie movie Shazaam — watch

CollegeHumor brings your fake memories to life

Any proper child of the ’90s remembers the wonderfully terribly Shaquille O’Neal vehicle Kazaam. The kids’ comedy saw the NBA star portray a totally hip genie who helps his young master reconnect with his estranged father (and tries to launch a rap career somewhere in the middle there). However, more than a few other ’90s youths remember a second genie comedy being released around the same time, this one called Shazaam and starring Sinbad. The only problem is that movie never existed.

For years, the internet has been convinced that Shazaam was a thing, but even Sinbad himself says people are just confusing him with Shaq. This trick of collective false memory has recently become known as the Mandela Effect, a phenomenon in which shared life experience and social reinforcement lead to untrue things being take as fact by multiple people. Still, there are those who hold fast that Shazaam is not an example of the Mandela Effect, and is in fact a real film that has been lost in the VHS bins of time. And now CollegeHumor is here to prove them right.

A video posted on Saturday finds two young kids are trying to locate something to remind them of their deceased mother. What they stumble upon is an old lamp that turns out to be the home of — surprise — Shazaam! And yes, it is Sinbad and not Shaq! Find out what happens when the Mandela Effect becomes an April Fool’s reality by clicking play above.


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