Toby Keith, a 22,000-pound bomb, and blind patriotism make for peak FOX News

This is "what freedom looks like, that's the red, white, and blue"

On Thursday, the US dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat in Afghanistan. The 22,000-pound bomb, ominously titled the “mother of all bombs,” was aimed at the tunnels and caves used by ISIS fighters in the country’s eastern region. The attack comes amid concerns that President Trump may launch a preemptive strike in North Korea as well as just days after he approved of a missile strike in Syria, an act that was widely supported by Americans.

Clearly, we’ve entered a scary new era in the young administration — one in which Trump and all those enabling him see bombing foreign countries as an easy path to popularity and effective way to keep his voters happy. “America, Fuck Yeah!” said the stars of the 2004 satirical film Team America: World Police, which still sounds so frighteningly relevant some 10 years later. Who cares about small hands when you’ve got the biggest bomb in the world to flex?

FOX News took this wrongheaded bit of blind patriotism one step further recently. The Trump-loving network aired footage of the “mother of all bombs” attack, soundtracked by none other than country music star Toby Keith. This is “what freedom looks like, that’s the red, white, and blue,” said the program’s host. Geraldo Rivera — noted racist, who recently got his ass handed to him — gloated and replied, “It’s one of my favorite things to watch.”

See for yourself down below.

For what it’s worth, although Keith did perform at the Trump inauguration celebration concert, he’s never outright pledged his support to the businessman-turned-politician. When asked about his decision to play, he simply said, “I don’t apologize for performing for our country or military.” Still, it’s hard not to think that FOX News did a very peak FOX News thing by pairing his music up with the MOAB bombing footage. After all, the country music community seems like the ideal Trump demographic.


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