YesYou prophesize that a “Change is Gonna Come” on new song feat. Damon Trueitt — listen

Australian electronic soul production duo built the track from the vocals backwards

Typically when you think of someone writing an electronic song, you imagine a producer sitting with their computer and instruments putting together a track. Then, maybe, they’ll reach out to a vocalist or dig out a sample. Not the case with “Change is Gonna Come”, the new jam from Australian electronic soul duo YesYou. The track all started with vocals from their most recent collaborator, Damon Trueitt.

“‘Change is Gonna Come’ was built around Damon’s original a capella,” YesYou tell Consequence of Sound. “The whole process with Damon was totally different to anyone we’ve worked with before. He’s able to create these incredible moments that can’t be recreated, so for us those were the vocals we played with throughout the track.”

The result is a smooth throwback soul track filtered through the electronic sounds of the early ’00s and coated in modern percussion. At different times, the song is affecting, danceable, and soothing. Take a listen below.


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