At the Drive-In’s Top 10 Songs

El Paso's loudest export has returned for good, and now it's time to catch up

Jesuit priests stalking down the mountain, the bishop sends his regards. Tumultuous bargains for a half-sacked ancestry, we paint our triggers on stone-cold eclipses. Reward! Reward! Disarm-the-pilots-in-a-colossal-bakery

Yep, At the Drive-In have returned this week with a super good comeback album, in•ter a•li•a, and with their resurrection comes a slew of not-so-distant memories to our own halcyon days of classroom poetry, skinny jeans, and imminent screaming.

We’re all older now, but so are they, and it’s somewhat astonishing how none of their post-hardcore anthems have left our tick-tock, sickle-cell cerebrums. It’s a hand salute to the sacrificed wisdom of riddled painters…

Christ, there I go again. Just move along and enjoy the band’s 10 greatest songs.

–Michael Roffman



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