An award-winning portrait of Kendrick Lamar will hang in the United States Capitol

He might not be getting invites to the White House anymore, but he'll hang in the Capitol for a year

Back when we had a dignified man running the country, Kendrick Lamar visited the White House on multiple occasions. The Compton MC met privately with President Obama, played the White House 4th of July BBQ, and even helped celebrate POTUS’ 55th birthday. Now we have a guy in the Oval Office who hangs out with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent while rage tweeting at Snoop Dogg. Times sure have changed, but even though K.Dot likely won’t be getting any Presidential invites anytime soon, his presence will still be felt on Capitol Hill for the next year.

A portrait of Lamar won the 2017 Congressional Art Competition, an annual contest for high school students. Entrants submit a work of art to their congressional district representative, and one winner from each district is chosen to have their submission hung in the US Capitol for one year. This year, the winner from Colorado’s District 3 was Centennial High School senior Tiona Cordova, whose piece “Utmost Appreciation” is a painting of Kendrick Lamar.

You can check out the picture below via the Instagram account of Cordova’s rep, Republican Scott Tipton (via XXL). You can also let yourself have a little chuckle knowing that for the next year, Tipton will have to walk past a portrait of the last Democratic President’s favorite rapper every day while trying to defend the actions of the man who tried (and failed) to kill NEA, NEH, and CPB.

We’re sure Lamar is prepping the track he’ll record at Obama’s Presidential Library’s recording studio as we speak.


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