Big Boi and Adam Levine play dress up in a dry cleaner in “Mic Jack” video — watch

Plus, Big Boi announces the official release date for Boomiverse

There’s nothing worse than when a dry cleaner loses your laundry ticket. Their whole business is predicated on keeping those little slips of paper organized so that clean clothes can be returned to the proper customers. Getting it wrong is almost inexcusable — but in Big Boi and Adam Levine’s new video for “Mic Jack”, at least it leads to some fun fantasies.

The clip finds the Outkast rapper stepping into the Maroon 5 member’s shop looking to pick up his suit. The ladies working behind the scenes seem to be a little disorganized, however, and Levine keeps bringing out the wrong things. Each new piece of clothing sends Big Boi into a vision about where he’d actually wear such an article, from floating around in a space suit to watching soapy women wash cars while chilling in his flower-print pants. There’s also a scene where he’s wearing a white fur coat in a space station because… space swag?

Check out the video above. “Mic Jack” is off Big Boi’s forthcoming Boomiverse, which has officially been set for a June 16th release date.


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