Courtney Barnett shares new song “How to Boil an Egg” — listen

The new track is actually one of the Australian songwriter's oldest songs

Photo by​ Ben Kaye

​​Courtney Barnett is back with a delightful new track entitled “How To Boil An Egg” — well, almost new. The jaunty song is actually one of the Australian songwriter’s oldest, though it remained unrecorded until recently. When it came time for Barnett to contribute a song to the Split Singles Club collaboration between Aussie label Bedroom Suck and her own Milk! Records, she decided to experiment with “How to Boil an Egg” by playing every instrument herself.

“I used to perform this song at all the open-mics when I was 21,” Barnett explained in a press release. “It never got recorded, so for personal-posterity I updated it and made this version recently when I was bunkered up in the bush doing some demos for my next album. In tradition of the Milk! Records compilation releases, like ‘Pickles From the Jar’ or ‘Three Packs a Day’, I wanted to include a song of mine for Split Singles Club that was a tad left of album-centre. It’s a songwriting experiment that doesn’t really belong anywhere else.”

Take a listen below.

The Split Singles Club was birthed to give a peek into the tightly knit group of collaborators who make up the Australian indie rock scene. Each single features one track from a Bedroom Suck artist and one from a Milk! Records contributor. A few subscriptions to the vinyl series are still available at the Split Singles Club website.


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