Courtney Love names her favorite Nirvana songs

Leading off with a song that's apparently about her vagina

Over the weekend, Courtney Love hosted a fan Q&A session on Instagram Live. Inevitably, Kurt Cobain came up, with one fan asking her to name her favorite Nirvana songs. According to NME (via Ultimate Guitar), she picked out four tracks from the band’s legendary catalog.

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The ex-Hole frontwoman led off with In Utero’s “Heart-Shaped Box”, which as she once told Lana Del Rey is apparently about her own vagina. “Serve the Servants”, another In Utero song referencing her and Cobain’s relationship, also made Love’s list of favorites, as did “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle”. Lastly, Love named-checked Nevermind’s “In Bloom”.

Listen to Love’s favorite Nirvana tracks below. For whatever reason, it seems like she favors the band’s final studio album, something with which we’d tend to agree.

“Heart-Shaped Box”:

“Serve the Servants”:

“Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle”:

“In Bloom”:


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