David Byrne announces How Music Works variety show

To coincide with an updated version of his 2012 book

For quite some time now, David Byrne has been dedicated to wide-ranging creative pursuits outside of recording music. These projects have included Contemporary Color, a color guard project featuring original compositions from A-list musicians; a musical about Joan of Arc called St. Joan; and most recently, Neurosociety, an “immersive theater performance” designed by actual neuroscience labs. Today, the Talking Heads frontman has announced his latest effort: a music-related variety show.

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The one-night event is scheduled to take place at The Town Hall in NYC on June 1st. Byrne will be acting as “impresario” to show the concept of human curation in action and introduce audience members to “amazing performers” that inspire him. According to press release, it “will include all sorts of performance: music, of course, but also magic, theater, dance, science, and humor… and more.” Byrne compares it to a 2010 show he did about bikes and urbanism.

Byrne’s new project arrives in conjunction with a new chapter about the latest developments in music discovery which was added to an updated edition of his 2012 book, How Music Works. The chapter discusses how “algorithms and data” are responsible for the music we hear and are recommended, rather than human beings.

Purchase tickets to the variety show here. You can also pick up a copy of the new edition of How Music Works here. Lastly, be sure to check out Byrnes’ Reddit AMA on Thursday from 2 to 3 PM EST.


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