Gears of War live-action film adaptation is on the way

Shane Salerno, who penned all of James Cameron's forthcoming Avatar sequels, will write the script

The ultra-successful Gears of War game franchise is known for the intensity of its gameplay, the distinctiveness of its graphics, and its abundance of alien guts and gore. Now, Deadline reports that the action shooter is getting a proper, live-action film adaptation from Universal Pictures. The film is a collaboration with Microsoft subsidiary The Coalition, which exists solely to produce more Gears of War content.

The adaptation won’t focus on any particular game, but will instead be “a new story set in the universe.” That said, their description of “a squad of beefed-up commandos living in a bombed-out post-apocalyptic society” battling “swarms of alien creatures called Locusts” sounds pretty par for the course for Gears of War.

Shane Salerno is writing the script, which seems appropriate considering his previous work includes credits on Michael Bay’s Armageddon and Oliver Stone’s Savages. He’s also the scribe behind James Cameron’s forthcoming Avatar sequels, should those actually come to fruition.

No release date has been set, nor has there been any casting rumors. We have, however, seen how well El-P and Killer Mike fit into the universe.


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