House Republicans blast “Eye of the Tiger” and “Taking Care of Business” in pre-health care vote pep rally

GOP celebrates the impending deaths of millions of Americans who will soon lose their health insurance

In a matter of hours, the House of Representatives will vote on a health care bill that has yet to be written, read, debated, or scored by the Congressional Budget Office, a bill which puts a cap on Medicaid; no longer requires insurers to cover “essential health benefits” like maternity leave, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment; which classifies sexual assault as a “pre-existing condition”; which includes $883 billion in tax cuts for the wealthy; and which will cause at least 24 million Americans be stripped of their current health care coverage; a bill so remarkable that Republicans have included a provision that allows them and their families to opt out of it.

So just how are House Republicans amping themselves up for such a monumental moment in American history. By listening to “Eye of the Tiger” (the theme to Rocky) and “Taking Care of Business” as part of a pre-vote pep rally.

Seriously, fuck these guys.


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