Jay Som shares new video for “One More Time, Please” — watch

Exploring the madness caused by trying to meet all of society's standards

Outside forces tend to put a lot of pressure on people’s everyday lives. From living up to societal standards of appearance to conforming your behavior, the modern individual could go crazy trying to be the person everyone else seems to want them to be. That’s the theme explored in Jay Som’s new video for her single “One More Time, Please”.

“You’ve got me running in circles/ My thinking pattern fades/ Pull yourself away,” go the lyrics of the Everybody Works track. The words capture the loss of self and lunacy that come with the compulsion to be something you’re not, a feeling that writers and directors Christopher Good and Andreina Byrne try to capture in the song’s video. As they explained in a press release,

“We wanted to honor the heaviness of Melina’s lyrics by channeling the essence of madness many feel while attempting to live up to societal standards, behaviors or even personal obsessions. This madness can become mentally and physically enslaving. We follow the main character as she attempts to satisfy these standards/obsessions until she realizes her obsession with such is more of an internalized threat. This realization of her own obsessive state guides her to find her own peace of mind and acceptance of herself.”

Check out the clip above. Everybody Works is out now via Polyvinyl Records in North America and Double Denim in Europe and Japan.


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