Mac Sabbath’s music video for “Pair-a-Buns” is a claymation fast food mascot slaughter — watch

Fast food-themed Black Sabbath cover band makes their first-ever video a killer

What might seem like a schtick based on a silly bun pun, fast food-themed Black Sabbath cover band Mac Sabbath has become kind of a thing. Their raucous live shows and all-in personas have led to a growing fanbase that’s pushed the band to become more than just a live gimmick. As such, they released their first recorded material, “Pair-A-Buns” (a parody of “Paranoid”), earlier this year, and now their sharing the track’s outrageous music video.

Directed by Jesus Rivera (aka Demonbabies), the clip is an bloody mascot beatdown brought to you by the claymation of Brad Uyeda. A Pennywise-looking Ronald McDonald stalks KFC’s Colonel Sanders and the Hardee’s Happy Star down an alley, only to get cut off from the rear by Jack from Jack in the Box. At that point, it becomes a guns-out brawl that brings in Wendy, the Hamburgler, and the Burger King himself. (Anyone else really want to play ClayFighter right now?) Check out the video up above.

“Pair-A-Buns” flexi-disc was previously only available in Mac Sabbath’s coloring book, which was only being sold at the band’s tour dates. As of today, however, the activity book and the included physical copy of the band’s only recorded track is available for just $15. Watch a trailer for the merch below.

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