Migos’ Quavo shares new solo track “Paper Over Here” — listen

Atlanta rapper steps out on his own to brag about his dollar dollar bills, ya'll

Photo by​ Catlin Miller

Even as Migos are really only just beginning to experience their breakout stardom, ​​Quavo is quickly establishing himself as the individual standout of the group. He’s contributed verses to tracks by Kanye West, DJ Khaled, and Jidenna, all without the aide of Takeoff or Offset. Now, he’s truly stepping out on his own with his new solo single, “Paper Over Here”.

The track is as melodic as a trap song can get thanks to a beat by OG Parker. Dropping bars over the drop-top electronics, the Atlanta MC brags about all the “new paper” he has coming in. “All this money coming in my way/ Fuck what a hater even gotta say,” goes the autotuned first verse. “Me, myself, and I cruise down the highway/ Pull out to the bank I walk right out with a hundred K.” Take a listen below.

Far be it for anyone to begrudge someone else’s success, but Quavo might do well to remember why he has all that paper coming in over there before he gets too cocky on a solo career. Migos has plenty of room to rise yet.


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