New trailer for Stephen King’s It remake floats online — watch

A short clip to keep you terrified from the sewers until September

In a perfect world, the recent (and quite terrifying) first trailer for Andrés Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s It would be all that anyone needed to see ahead of its September 8th premiere. Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world (clearly), so fans should get used to seeing more and more teases in the months to come. To be fair, some fans dig that kind of hype, and those fans are probably you.

Tonight, New Line Cinema unlocked a new trailer for It at the 2017 MTV Movie Awards, and since you’d be worser off watching that godawful bullshit, you can skip all the show’s glittery nonsense by watching the goods above. In it you’ll see never-before-seen footage, including a trip to the sewers, that should whet your appetite for your upcoming Labor Day vacation in the fictional small town of Derry, Maine.

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The first of a two-part film stars Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough, Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben Hanscom, Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier, Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris, Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon, Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak, Owen Teague as bully Patrick Hocksetter, and Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise.

Watch the footage above and catch the film on September 8th via New Line Cinema. In the meantime, stay tuned for all King-related news by subscribing to our weekly podcast, The Losers’ Club: A Stephen King Podcast. Led by senior writer Randall Colburn, the series offers an exhaustive and comprehensive look at King’s never-ending oeuvre.


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