Perfume Genius unveils new album No Shape: Stream/download

Follow-up to 2014's Too Bright

Mike Hadreas has released his latest album as Perfume Genius, No Shape, today. Apple Music and Spotify users can stream the follow-up to 2014’s Too Bright in its entirety down below.

Produced by Fiona Apple collaborator Blake Mills, Hadreas has described the 13-track offering as the result of “merging church music, make out music, R&B, art pop, krautrock, and queer soul into his take on stadium anthems.” It also sees him turning inward and “magnifying my discomfort.”

“I pay my rent. I’m approaching health. The things that are bothering me personally now are less clear, more confusing. I don’t think I really figured them out with these songs. There’s something freeing about how I don’t have it figured out. Unpacking little morsels, magnifying my discomfort, wading through buried harm, laughing at or digging in to the embarrassing drama of it all. I may never come out the other side but it’s invigorating to try and hopefully, ultimately helpful. I think a lot of them are about trying to be happy in the face of whatever bullshit I created for myself or how horrible everything and everyone is.”

In our review of the album, Kayleigh Hughes write, “One of the greatest accomplishments of No Shape is how it provides a lush, seemingly endless musical playground in which Hadreas’ stunning, one-of-a-kind voice can push past any limits and shine in new and unusual ways.

No Shape Artwork:

No Shape Tracklist:
01. Otherside
02. Slip Away
03. Just Like Love
04. Go Ahead
05. Valley
06. Wreath
07. Every Night
08. Choir
09. Die 4 U
10. Sides
11. Braid
12. Run Me Through
13. Alan


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