Pokey LaFarge suggests taking in a “Silent Movie” with new single — listen

Some advice for dealing with all the world's bad news from the singer-songwriter's forthcoming Manic Revelations

Photo by​ Nate Burrell

Open a newspaper and it’s ​​story after story about political unrest, social injustice, and brewing conflicts. Turn on the TV and all you get is a bunch of talking heads shouting over each other about all the problems you just read about. It’s enough to drive a person to hysterics, no matter on which side of the fence you sit. These days it feels like people are more worked up about the world than ever before, and while the drive to action is admirable, it’s also essential that we all remember to take the time to enjoy ourselves every now and then.

That’s the message of “Silent Movie”, the new single from American roots singer-songwriter Pokey LaFarge. The track is just the sort of refreshing breeze we could all use in these harsh days, blowing in on shambling guitars and sighing horns. As the instrumentation calms your worried mind, LaFarge reminds you to keep in touch with the things that actually make life worth living because, when all is said is done, we only get one shot at this. “Growing up is a scam/ The truth is a lie,” he sings. “Better of staying a child/ Till the day you die.”

“With so much noise in the world, you have to fight for your sanity,” LaFarge tells Consequence of Sound about the song, “you have to fight for what’s right, but also you have to take a break and get away from it all sometimes. You have to hear that soundtrack in your head. You can’t forget about your world within the world. It is just as important.”

Take a listen below.

“Silent Movie” is off LaFarge’s forthcoming Manic Revelations, his new full-length due out May 18th via Rounder Records.


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