Radiohead tease 20th anniversary OK Computer release with new video — watch

Mysterious clip appears to contain lyrics to an early version of "Climbing Up the Walls"


May 21st marks the 20th anniversary of OK Computer, and it looks as though Radiohead have big plans in store for the momentous day. Last week, mysterious posters that seemed to reference LP track “Fitter Happier” popped up in cities like London, Brooklyn, and Amsterdam. Now, the band has taken to social media to share a 29-second video containing more new OK Computer-related clues.

Against a grainy, glitchy background, a little girl’s voice can be heard reciting alternate lyrics to “Climbing Up the Walls”. As redditors have pointed out, they appear to be the lyrics to an early version of the song, which Radiohead performed live in 1996. Perhaps a 20th anniversary reissue featuring previously unreleased alternate takes is on the way?

“I am the key to lock in your dress
That keeps your toys in the basement
And if you get to far inside
You’ll find come out where you came in
So tuck the kids in safe tonight
And shut the eyes in the cupboard
I am the weapon that you needed
Keep an eye out for the neighbors
Anywhere you turn
I’ll be there
Open your skull
Climbing Up the Walls”

The visual also suggests more clues will be revealed in the coming weeks. Although the only actual text that can be made out are “Program: radiohead” and “1 REM,” some fans have noted that there are “(approx) 21 full lines of code commented out video.” The belief here is that each line of code represents one day, and that the UK outfit will issue a new teaser everyday until May 21st. As Thom Yorke would say, “Aww sheeeit.”

We’ll see what Radiohead have for us tomorrow. Till then, revisit our Masterpiece Review of OK Computer:



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