Sigur Rós tease new project Norðurogniður

Icelandic outfit gears up for their first full-length effort in four years

It’s been four years since Sigur Rós released a new album, but that could soon change. Today, the band has shared a short teaser video for something called “Norðurogniður.” Update – May 8th: As announced today, Sigur Rós are putting on a multi-day festival in Iceland this December.

In the YouTube description is a link to join the band’s mailing list, along with the cryptic tease, “Soon.” After signing up for the mailing list, an email is sent containing the above photo of Sigur Rós.

In Icelandic, “Norðurogniður” roughly translates to “North and down” or “Northward and downward.” Another interpretation posted to the band’s Facebook notes that “Farðu norður og niður” can also mean “Go to hell,” which would be an absolutely amazing name for a new album.

Also worth noting: Sigur Ros debuted a new song called “Niður” during their recent leg of US tour dates. According to composer Nico Muhly, the song was originally called “Norður”.

Update: According to a representative for the band (via Pitchfork), the band is not teasing a new album.

Watch the teaser for “Norðurogniður”:

Sigur Rós released their last album, Kveikur, in 2013. Last summer, they released a new song called “Óveður” along with a NSFW music video.


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