SNL effectively puts the final nail in Sean Spicer’s coffin with epic sketch — watch

Melissa McCarthy dusts off her on-the-nose caricature for what may be the final time

Recent reports suggest Sean Spicer’s days as White House press secretary could be numbered. Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live should do little to help with his job security.

As fate would have it, Melissa McCarthy was host of this week’s episode, and she dusted off her on-the-nose caricature of Spicey for what could be the final time. Of course, she had plenty of material to work with, from Spicer’s hiding in the bushes, to his possible replacement in Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, to the fact he has sacrificed all credibility with his daily briefing of bold face lies. The skit culminates with Spicey finally coming to terms that he is a disposable puppet of the president, and he drives off on his mobile podium with the intention of confronting him. After zooming through the streets of NYC, Spicey finally finds Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump holed up at a New Jersey golf course. Trump admits he’s been lying and responds by going all Godfather, planting a kiss on Spicey’s lips.

When McCarthy first spoofed Spicer, it left Trump “rattled”. He’ll undoubtedly be even more pissed about this latest sketch — what with the kissing and all.



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