Stephen Colbert joins Gorillaz and raps De La Soul’s “Feel Good Inc.” verse — watch

One of the highlights of the band's mini bonus concert at the Ed Sullivan Theater

Last week, Gorillaz visited the Late Show with Stephen Colbert for their first television performance in support of their new album, Humanz. The world watched as Damon Albarn was joined by Pusha T and a holographic Mavis Staples for a thrilling rendition of “Let Me Out”, but apparently the band also stuck around to play a few more songs for the audience gathered inside the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

Most notably, Gorillaz ran through their classic track “Feel Good Inc.” With De La Soul nowhere to be found, Colbert himself took the mic and proved the unthinkable: white, middle-aged late-show host can, in fact, rap. See for yourself up above.

Gorillaz also performed “She’s My Collar” with Kali Uchis and “Strobelite” with Peven Everett, which you can replay in full on CBS’s website.

To coincide with the band’s appearance, creative director Jamie Hewlett drew a few New York-themed portraits, including one of Murdoc and Russel at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets! With Cespedes on the shelf, maybe Sandy Alderson wants to give Russ a tryout? He can’t be any worse than Granderson right now.

Cherish these moments, because Colbert may soon be thrown in Trump’s gulag.


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