Stephen King sums up Donald Trump’s presidency: “Worse than any horror story I ever wrote”

The legendary horror author has plenty to say about Trump's first 100 days and the repeal of the ACA

Stephen King has written his take on nearly every horror trope in existence: Ghosts, zombies, vampires, and, hey, even a mentally deranged politician. Still, The Dead Zone’s Greg Stillson has nothing on our current president, and if you think that statement is hyperbole just know that it came from King himself.

(Stillson, it should be noted, is a harbinger of nuclear annihilation in King’s book.)

It’s not the first dig he’s taken at President Trump. In between praising his many forthcoming film projects—including adaptations of The Dark Tower, It, and Firestarter—King’s offered his take on everything from Trump’s tweets to his first 100 days and even the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Check out a few of his comments below:

It’s a bit unsettling to see the Master of Horror so unnerved by the most powerful man in America.

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