Sun Seeker share sun-kissed single “Won’t Keep Me Up At Night” — listen

Ahead of the Nashville indie folk quartet's upcoming EP, Biddeford, coming via Third Man Records

Photo by Angelina Costillo

Photo by Angelina Costillo

During their short career, Nashville indie folk quartet Sun Seeker have developed a mature sound that belies their youth. This is due in no small part to the original trio of Alex Benick (guitar, vocals), Asher Horton (bass guitar), and Ben Parks (drums) soaking in music from the East Nashville indie scene during their teens and a shared love of music like The Band, Wilco, and Buzzcocks. The group honed their craft performing live over two years before catching the attention of Jack White’s Third Man Records. After hitting the studio, Sun Seeker are ready with their debut EP, Biddeford, which they’re previewing today with the single “Won’t Keep Me Up At Night”.

The song is a contemplative slice of nostalgia written about a transitional period after high school when Benick opted to work on a farm in Maine rather than attend college. “I wrote this song about the formative years after high school in which I was taking a different path from my peers,” Benck explains to Consequence of Sound. “I was about to become a farm boy while my friends were moving away to go to college and I wrote esoterically about the time spent in different worlds.”

As a result, “Won’t Keep Me Up At Night” features introspective lyrics with a melancholy feel, but there’s still a relaxed optimism in their sun-kissed, timeless sound. Listen in below.

Biddeford, named after that small Maine town where Benick farmed, was recorded with Nashville guitarist/producer Buddy Hughen, who also produced Sun Seeker’s debut 7-inch, “Georgia Dust” b/w “No One Knows”. The EP is out on July 14th via Third Man Records.

Biddeford EP Art:

sun seeker biddeford ep artwork Sun Seeker share sun kissed single Wont Keep Me Up At Night    listen

Biddeford EP Tracklist:
01. Churchill
02. Biddeford
03. Won’t Keep Me Up At Night
04. With Nothing (But Our Last Words)
05. Sunny Day Girls
06. Might Be Time