Two Inch Astronaut premiere new single “Can You Please Not Help” — listen

Title track and third single from the Maryland trio's forthcoming album

Photo by Julia Leiby

In the process of creating art in any form, sometimes it takes a little tinkering to realize the original version didn’t need much change after all. That’s what happened when Maryland post-hardcore trio Two Inch Astronaut were contemplating whether the eventual title track of their forthcoming album, Can You Please Not Help, would be a proper fit.

“This song originally had an extremely silly ending that may well have kept it from making it onto the album, but after a few attempts at jury rigging an alternate ‘epic’ finale, we realized the song worked fine with what we had,” guitarist-vocalist Sam Rosenberg shares with Consequence of Sound. “It’s about Freud’s ‘Wrecked by Success’ paradox.”

Judging by the previous singles Two Inch Astronaut has shared so far, “Can You Please Not Help” will slot nicely into their follow-up to 2016’s Personal Life. Initially, the song might seem like it has more in common with the muscular lead single “Snitch Jacket” than the infectious power pop of “Play To No One”. Upon closer listening, though, there’s a sweetness to Rosenberg’s vocals found within the swirling guitar riffs driving the track. Somehow, the group makes self-flagellating lyrics about “the consolation of a bad thing that makes you feel just like your old self” almost sound inviting.

Take a listen to “Can You Please Not Help” below.

To record Can You Please Not Help, Two Inch Astronaut returned to the studio with J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Channels) at the Magpie Cage in Baltimore, Maryland. Built around pop-centric exploration and reflective songwriting, it promises to be their most nuanced and vibrant album yet. The full-length is out June 2nd via Exploding In Sound Records. Pre-orders are available here.

Can You Please Not Help Album Art:

Can You Please Not Help Tracklist:
01. Kenk
02.Can You Please Not Help
03. Play To No One
04. Lure Coursing
05. Colesville
06. Snitch Jacket
07. Not Your Birthday
08. Name Out of Mouth
09. I’ll Leave You Alone


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