Wind blows, fire burns, and Mondo announces gorgeous vinyl release of The Fifth Element soundtrack

Marking the 20th anniversary of Luc Besson's cult-classic sci-fi adventure

The Fifth Element, Luc Besson’s cult-classic space opera starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, marked it’s 20th anniversary earlier this week. As timing would have it, this year also sees Besson return to the sci-fi genre with the highly anticipated Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, out July 21st. To celebrate both occasions, Mondo has announced a gorgeous vinyl reissue of Eric Serra’s Fifth Element soundtrack.

As The A.V. Club revealed, the remastered score will be available on two different colors of vinyl. One is an orange-striped white vinyl reminiscent of Leeloo’s (Jovovich) iconic outfit, while the other is a “Super Green” pressing limited to just 500 copies. Both versions will be housed in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve with art from London artist Shan Jiang.

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The Fifth Element is essential science fiction cinema,” said Mondo Record Label Manager Mo Shafeek. “Not only is the soundtrack responsible for a wildly vast tonal spectrum – you’d be hard pressed to name another film that bounces from comedic montage to straight-faced opera to action-adventure in the span of 15 minutes – but he makes it feel and sound effortless. It is a truly unique listening experience.”

The OST will be available via Mondo’s website beginning May 17th. Check out images of the special release below.

The Fifth Element Mondo Cover Art:

The Fifth Element Mondo Gatefold:

The Fifth Element OST Tracklist:
01. Little Light of Love
02. Mondoshawan
03. Timecrash
04. Korben Dallas
05. Koolen
06. Akta
07. Leeloo
08. Five Millenia Later
09. Plavalaguna
10. Ruby Rap
11. Heat
12. Badaboom
13. Mangalores
14. Lucia Di Lammermoor
15. The Diva Dance
16. Leeloominai
17. A Bomb in the Hotel
18. Mina Hinoo
19. No Cash No Trash
20. Radiowaves
21. Human Nature
22. Pictures of War
23. Lakta Ligunai
24. Protect Life
25. Little Light of Love (End Titles Version)
26. Aknot ! Wot ?


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