Die Antwoord’s Ninja recounts hilarious basketball game with Kanye West and Drake

The animated story also sees Ninja tea-bagging Drake and watching porn with Kanye


The late Charlie Murphy has some competition for the best retelling of a private celebrity basketball game. In an except from the latest episode of Viceland’s weekly show Party LegendsDie Antwoord rapper Ninja recounts the hilarious story of a supposedly friendly game of basketball between Kanye West and Drake that got a little out of hand. Neither rapper comes off as a particularly talented baller, but Drake gets the worst of the story.

The tale begins when Ninja is invited over to Kanye’s mansion, but after West notices the South African rapper is wearing basketball shoes, they head to Drake’s nearby private basketball court. For context, Die Antwoord and Drake weren’t on speaking terms at the time — and probably still aren’t — because after the group attended one of the More Life rapper’s live shows, they were disappointed by his performance. “As a joke,” Ninja took over Yolandi’s Instagram and posted a homophobic slur about him. Nothing was ever resolved even after they were all on tour together, so needless to say they weren’t too happy to see each other.

That probably led fake tough guy Drake to take the game even more seriously. On top of being draped head-to-toe in “full NBA gear,” his stacked Canadian team was the same entourage that mean-mugged Die Antwoord during their tour. Naturally, Drake was the focus of his team once the game got going and to top it all off, he had a hype man who commented on every shot he made. Ninja claims he later found out that Drake records all these games and makes highlight videos of himself hitting threes.

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In sharp contrast, Kanye was his own hype man. Ninja says he was a terrible player who’d take and miss circus shots. When he inevitably did make one “on the stupidest move ever,” though, Kanye was sure to run around the court in celebration.

Drake’s team seemingly had the first game in the best two-out-of-three series in the bag, but then Kanye’s star player arrived and Ninja took a seat. Team Yeezy finally found their groove and ended up beating Drake’s team. Unsurprisingly, Drake was a sore loser and walked off without saying goodbye.

The day wasn’t over, however. After the win, Ninja and Kanye watched Star Wars before Kanye abruptly switched over to anal sex porn. He then asked Ninja if he liked “banana pudding.” It turns out Kim Kardashian makes a mean dessert, as Travis Scott can attest.

Unfortunately for us, Ninja bailed on his budding friendship after Kanye started calling too often. Still, his only regret about the whole thing is his failure to slam dunk over Drake and teabag his face.

Watch the full video clip up above.

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