Don’t Stroll By Stephen King’s The Long Walk

The Losers' Club wanders through the Master of Horror's 1979 dystopian survival tale

The Long Walk, Stephen King, Richard Bachman
The Long Walk

    “They walked through the rainy dark like gaunt ghosts, and Garraty didn’t like to look at them. They were the walking dead.”

    Constant Listeners, stretch those legs and put on your best running shoes, it’s time to join the nation’s top 100. The Major is waiting for you, and let’s just say, he’s not the most patient of the bunch. So, get yourself to the Maine-Canada border before you’re squaded for refusal to follow the rules. You have three warnings. Use them wisely.

    Join us as The Losers’ Club takes a deadly stroll through Stephen King’s Richard Bachman’s 1979 dystopian survival tale, The Long Walk. We’ll also share what freaks us out, what makes us laugh, and what makes us cringe. As per tradition, our goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, which is why the episode runs a little on the long side.


    Listen below and be sure to shout for a canteen to stay hydrated.


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