Top TV Episodes of the Month: GLOW, Better Call Saul, and The Leftovers

Plus, another brilliant hour from David Lynch and Mark Frost

Look, Twin Peaks is going to make this list until the whole shebang comes to an end in September. That’s just how it’s going to be. At this point, we’re eight episodes into David Lynch and Mark Frost’s outstanding revival, and there hasn’t been a single hour that has felt even remotely predictable. That’s not just great television; that’s unprecedented television, making this the kind of momentous pop-culture event that you have to relish with feverish dedication. To be frank, that’s not very hard.

What’s hard is keeping up with everything else. As we’ve lamented over these past few months, television has never felt more cluttered with gold and garbage, and while it’s not exactly difficult to discern between the two, it’s certainly taxing. For every new winning series like Netflix’s GLOW, there are at least two or three disappointments on par with Spike’s The Mist. So, we’ve become more particular with how we’re spending our time, and that, we feel, is a good thing.

Bottom line: It’s okay if you don’t watch everything. It’s okay if you stick with two or three serials. It’s okay to wait and see how things turn out. This will allow you to actually appreciate what’s actually going on in the series you do love. That’s perhaps been the greatest takeaway from Twin Peaks. By being forced to go week to week, we’re actually finding ourselves dissecting these episodes and meditating on the little details that we might have missed by binging at 120 mph.

So, if you’re scratching your heads at why there are some repeats this month in our Top TV Episodes, the easiest and most honest excuse is that we’re indulging in a ‘less is more’ approach. That’s not to say we aren’t watching other things — no, no, no, no — it just means, again, we’re being incredibly selective with what we’re sticking with in the long run. Whether that pays off for us and you, we’ll have to see, but for now, it’s certainly made television a much breezier affair.

Anyways, I digress.

–Michael Roffman



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