All of Joanna Newsom’s albums are finally available to stream

Newsom, once a disbeliever in streaming platforms, has added all four of her LPs to Apple Music

photo by Nina Corcoran

Photo by Nina Corcoran

Joanna Newsom fans who’ve been itching to stream her entire catalog can finally rest easy. Today, the singer-songwriter’s label, Drag City has added her two albums, 2010’s Divers and 2010’s Have One On Me, to Apple Music. The pair join Newsom’s other full-lengths, Ys from 2006 and her 2004 debut, The Milk-Eyed Mender, which were made available for streaming in recent weeks.

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For Newsom, placing her full discography on Apple Music is a significant move, given her longstanding, not-so-savory views regarding streaming platforms. Previously, she called Spotify — which has yet to feature any of her LPs — “the banana of the music industry” and “a garbage system.”

“It’s set up in a way that they can just rob their artists, and most of their artists have no way to fight it because they’re contractually obligated to stay with the label for x amount of time and you can’t really opt out. It’s a garbage system,” Newsom said back in 2015.

Stream all four of Newsom’s albums below.


Have One On Me:


The Milk-Eyed Mender: