Coast Modern share new single “Frost”, break down their self-titled debut track by track: Stream

Los Angeles indie pop duo's debut full-length record is due this Friday


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    Track by Track is a recurring new music feature in which an artist offers a comprehensive rundown of their new album.

    It’s been about a year and a half since Coast Modern first introduced listeners to their California-bred brand of indie pop. The surfy vibes of tracks like “Animals” and “Comb My Hair” have attracted a fanbase eager for a full-length effort from the band. This week, the Los Angeles duo will finally deliver when they drop their self-titled debut on Friday, July 28th.

    Before the album hits stores, however, Coast Modern are serving up one final single. “Frost” is the band’s most stripped-back song to date, leaving behind the psychedelic synth lines of previous singles in favor of some lo-fi acoustic guitar. The soft track caps off the upcoming LP, which is a fitting bit of arrangement; what better way to close out an album of surf pop shiners than a contemplative campfire jam?

    Take a listen below.


    In anticipation of Coast Modern, the band’s Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp took Consequence of Sound through each of the album’s 18 tracks, breaking down their origins and meanings one by one — including “Frost”. Read through the exclusive track-by-track below, and pre-order the record here.

    “Going Down”: This is a surf rock opera about not dying. The tempo changes throughout the song, creating a similar experience to getting pummeled by a rogue wave.

    “Tiny Umbrella”: It’s easy to slip into a cycle of self-medication after a painful breakup. We romanticized that lifestyle through a thin veil of sarcasm. The beat is bumpin’ and the melody is awoken.

    “Guru”: Relationships aren’t easy, especially when your S.O. is an earth angel and you’re a junky lump of person. We wrote this pup in a flash because it’s a topic close to our heats.


    “Dive”: This song has a long history. Written four or so years ago, it was revamped to fit on the album. It’s about being young, dumb, and full of fun.

    “Pockets Full of No”: This beat is riding that “net art 2.0” wave. The melody is pretty unhinged too… but the topic is as old as rock and roll. Having fun with no money is easier said than done!

    “Yemma”: A fire little interlude, all freestyle vibes with some knife to throat drums.

    “Run it Up”: Spare no love! It’s a free flowing energy, and the source is right there below your chest plate. Let it out and love will come back to you 10 fold. This song is also about being freely giving with your time and money. Don’t store that mana coz it’ll just go bad.

    “Wild Things”: If you love them, let them go. They’re going to leave you eventually anyway. Be it through death or disenchantment, wild things will find their way out of your story. Ease into the rocking chair vibes, and stay a while.


    “Hollow Life”: Angst romanticized. You wanna run away? Me too, let’s go. Who wants to face problems when you can hit the road and leave them behind? Indie rock over trap drums. Also, everything is an illusion.

    “Groovy”: “Groooooovy.”

    “Comb My Hair”: You know when you’re tripping out ya mind and you begin to question the basis of reality? It’s like, all you want is a loved one to tell you, “Hey, it’s gonna be OKAY”. Well this is all that, set to psychedelic rock.

    “Honeybee”: We don’t actually remember making this interlude. A timeless echo of an age old story: Boy finds love, boy wakes up to realize it was all a dream.

    “Now I’m Cool”: Written from two years in the future, “Now I’m Cool” is a story of the excess of success amidst a California dream sequence.

    “Animals”: Every just wonder? Yeah, us too. At one point, instead of a bridge, this track took a Beatles-esque plunge into an all out circus scene. If we made it now we would have left it in.


    “Pogs & Slammers“: ‘Member when, when, you would play Pogs and Slammers while waiting to get picked up from school? Well, we take those wholesome childhood moments and paint them red.

    “The Way It Was”: At the time we wrote this we were hearing a ton about ayahuasca trips. We tried to capture the primal current of irreversible change that comes potent with these experiences. Stay tuned for the DJ Snake cameo at the end.

    “Bugs”: Our magnum opus is an ode to existence, played out in an endless mandala of revolving acts, with the raw simplicity of nature as our hero and villain.

    “Frost”: *Single teardrop emoji* Written in one tranced out moment and recorded directly to cassette tape, Frost touches on a myriad of dramatic themes from the divinity of man to the cost of youthful indiscretion. Time marches on blindly and at the same time nothing ever changes.


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