Larry David will be a plaintiff on Judge Judy on new season on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Plus, David reveals he's actually related to Senator Bernie Sanders

Yesterday, HBO previewed the long-awaited new season of Curb Your Enthusasiam at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour. In addition to revealing the stacked list of guest stars set to cameo, including Bryan Cranston, Carrie Brownstein, Nick Offerman, and Elizabeth Banks, the network also showed a short sizzle reel featuring several new scenes.

*Spoiler* Per The Daily Beast, the reel “opened with footage of a typically cantankerous Larry David throwing a fit because shampoo won’t come out of the bottle. In another scene, he catches a couple kissing outside his office window and implores them to stop: ‘You’re allowed to be happy. Just not in front of me.’ In another scene, he screams at a woman for crying too loud at a funeral. And, wait for it: Larry will be a plaintiff on Judge Judy, suing a woman he claims stole his ficus plant.”

Meanwhile, Brownstein revealed via Twitter that her character “is, uh, constipated.”

Speaking at a TCA panel, David revealed his upcoming appearance on the PBS genealogy series Finding Your Roots. Amazing enough, David learned that he is actually a distant cousin to Senator Bernie Sanders. David, of course, earned an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Senator Sanders on SNL last year. “I was very happy about that. I thought there must have been some connection,” David added. Whether or not Bernie will pop up on an episode of Curb remains to be seen, but please god please.

The new season of Curb premieres October 1st on HBO.


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