The Districts reflect on intimacy and sex on driving new song “Violet”: Stream

Another look at the band's upcoming A Flourish and a Spoil follow-up


Photo by Sarah Rudderow

On August 11th, The Districts will let loose their third studio album, Popular Manipulations. The follow-up to 2015’s A Flourish and a Spoil has been previewed so far with a pair of songs in April’s “Ordinary Day” and May’s “If Before I Wake”. Now, another track, “Violet”, has been unboxed by the Philly outfit.

Not unlike its predecessor, this latest offering melds bits of fuzzy reverb and folk rock raucous (think, maybe, Frightened Rabbit going shoegaze). “What doesn’t last will get remembered,” lead vocalist Rob Grote reflects over the cut’s chugging rhythm. “What doesn’t last is good to miss.” In a press statement, Grote offered some thoughts on the song:

“Lyrically, ‘Violet,’ deals with ideas of possessiveness, intimacy, sex, dependency, and how they’re used manipulatively. Kind of a look at how these things can be beautiful but are also used as devices, usually unconsciously which is the somewhat terrifying part. There is a pervasive thing throughout a lot of classic and modern popular music where ideas of ‘needing’ and referring to a romantic partner with a tone of ownership are normal and poignant lyrical topics. This song was using those same ideas but observing the strangeness in them, rather than celebrating them. Structurally the song reflects that strangeness by restraining and exploding somewhat irregularly.”

Hear it below (via Entertainment Weekly).

Popular Manipulations Tracklist:
01. If Before I Wake
02. Violet
03. Ordinary Day
04. Salt
05. Why Would I Wanna Be
06. Point
07. Airplane
08. Fat Kiddo
09. Capable
10. Rattling Of The Heart
11. Will You Please Be Quiet Please