Will Smith polices a world of fairies and orcs in Comic-Con trailer for Bright: Watch

Smith re-teams with director David Ayer for the Max Landis-penned fantastical cop thriller

After an intense bidding war, Netflix landed the rights to the fantasy cop-thriller Bright. If the idea of orcs and humans policing a Los Angeles filled with fairies and elves doesn’t seem like the type of film that would cause studios to start tossing out tons of cash, maybe that’s because you don’t know the talent involved. Bright re-teams director David Ayer with his Suicide Squad star Will Smith as they bring a script from Max Landis to life.

Smith plays an LAPD cop whose partner is the first orc on the squad, played by Joel Edgerton. On a routine night of patrol, they come across a young elf named Tikka (Lucy Fry) who’s in possession of a magical wand with dark powers. It’s up to Smith and Edgerton’s characters to keep the wand from falling into the wrong hands, or the world of both humans and mystical creatures is doomed.

The first full trailer for the movie premiered during Comic-Con, and you can now watch it for yourself above. Bright will hit Netflix sometime in December.


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