Oneohtrix Point Never shares Good Time soundtrack: Stream

Award-winning collection features the Iggy Pop collaboration "The Pure and the Damned"


Experimental producer Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, nabbed the Cannes Soundtrack Award in May for his work on Good Time, the much talked-about crime thriller from brothers Josh and Benny Safdie. Now, to coincide with the film’s release today, the complete soundtrack has also been made available. Apple Music and Spotify users can stream it in full below.

The Warp Records collection spans 13 arrangements, including such titles as “Bail Bonds”, “Entry to White Castle”, and “Romance Apocalypse”. There are also the two previous offerings, the anxious “Leaving the Park” and “The Pure and the Damned”, a collaboration with the Iggy Pop.

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In an interview with Pitchfork, Lopatin discussed how that Pop track came to exist.

“There was this Lewis song ‘Like To See You Again’ that I thought might work for the end, but it was too involved tracking him down. My manager said something like, ‘Think big,’ and I said, ‘Iggy Pop.’

I went back to the studio and wrote this weird ballad and a top line to it, because obviously I do not sing in a baritone. I heard this tune in my head, so I sampled some Tuvan throat-singing, just to give him some general reference to what I was thinking. But I just wanted him to do whatever the fuck he wanted to do. Iggy’s like a poet laureate to me. The man couldn’t be sweeter, and when we talked he was sharing these stories of having grown up in a trailer community in Michigan. These stories were in and of themselves just like listening to a crazy Richard Brautigan poem or something. We were just all really in awe. Anyway, Iggy was like, ‘Hey, I watched the movie. What I get from it is that essentially, paraphrasing, but everybody’s fucked. Nobody gets out.’

Good Time OST Artwork: 

good time oneohtrix soundtrack stream listen Oneohtrix Point Never shares Good Time soundtrack: Stream

Good Time Tracklist:
01. Good Time
02. Bail Bonds
03. 6th Floor
04. Hospital Escape / Access-A-Ride
05. Ray Wakes Up
06. Entry To White Castle
07. Flashback
08. Adventurers
09. Romance Apocalypse
10. The Acid Hits
11. Leaving The Park
12. Connie
13. The Pure and the Damned (feat. Iggy Pop)

Revisit the trailer for Good Time: