The hit podcast Lore will next bring the origins of fear to Amazon: Watch the trailer

The six-episode series, based on fan favorite stories, will premiere on Friday, October 13th

Since 2015, Aaron Mahnke’s podcast Lore has investigated the true stories that informed our urban legends and phobias and horror stories alike. The real-life tales are often incredibly unsettling, and in that spirit (and just in time for Halloween), a half-dozen segments from the show’s run will get the streaming treatment.

The first teaser for Lore is appropriately brief, but teases the eerie animation that’ll be used as just one of the means of reconstructing Mahnke’s unsettling stories; the show will also utilize documentary and archival footage, narration, and re-enactments. The show roots itself in the plausible just enough to be all the more horrifying it, and whether it’s a from-the-headlines creepy doll story or a tale of a mysterious disappearance, Lore promises to be exactly the kind of horror that sticks with you after so many jump scares and gore fade away.

Because it’s the easiest marketing day for horror in any given year, Lore the series will debut on Amazon Prime on Friday, October 13th. If you’re going to watch the entire six-episode series, best make sure you leave a light on. In the meantime, check out the show’s first teaser trailer, and remember that “the scariest stories are true.”

Update – September 13th: The official trailer for Lore has been released and you can watch it below.


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